The Doctorate of Commissioner Science award is earned by Commissioners in recognition of their tenured service, their involvement in learning more about delivery of quality Scouting, and their involvement in support of others.

The Tukabatchee Area Council College of Commissioner Science has awarded five Commissioners who have completed the requirements of the Doctorate of Commissioner Science award. We are pleased to recognize the following Commissioners who have earned this award.

Robert A. Johnson, PhD Greg Jones, PhD Joan Hinkle, PhD
John E. Martin, PhD W. Howard Williams III, PhD

 Thesis and Project Reports

Doctoral Thesis, “The Commissioners’ Role in the 21st Century”, Robert A. Johnson, PhD

Doctoral Project, John E. Martin, PhD

Doctoral Project, W. Howard Williams III, PhD

All Thesis and Project Reports are the property of the Tukabatchee Area Council and may not by reproduced without consent of the Tukabatchee Area Council.